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 FACT: More than 45 Million Homes In The US Are UNDER-Insulated!
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BREAKING NEWS: Aluma-Tec Remodeling, Inc. is very proud to present the very latest in energy-saving technology, Aluma-Tec Energy Shield.  This is a revolutionary new type of insulation. Energy Shield by Aluma-Tec is unlike any other product on the market today. Boasting state-of-the-art technology that stops up to 95% of radiant heat transfer, Aluma-Tec Energy Shield is the most cost-effective way to lower heating and cooling bills. Traditional insulation simply cannot match its resistance to radiant heat.

Aluma-Tec Energy Shield is made from the same material as an Astronaut’s space suit! Energy Shield gives your home the very high quality new technology insulation it needs.

Aluma-Tec Energy Shield works with existing house insulation rather than replacing the insulation itself, which makes the product a very environmentally-friendly insulation. It effectively helps control Radiant Heat Transfer, the radiant heat generated by the sun’s powerful rays, in an incredibly simple yet effective manner. 

Over time traditional insulation deteriorates, allowing unwanted radiant heat energy to enter and exit our homes. In fact, U.S. Department of Energy tests show that adding  Aluma-Tec Energy Shield insulation to existing insulation provides more energy savings than adding 12 more inches of fiberglass insulation. The U.S. Department of Energy also reports that Energy Shield Reflective Technology is the most effective way to reduce downward heat flow. Thousands of tiny reflective mirrors simply reflect the heat right back towards its source, stopping that heat transfer into your home. It is a permanent and very cost-effective way to lower year-round ever-increasing heating and cooling costs here in Florida.



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